Past Happenings

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Ethiopia Reads

Did you know that reading is one of the primary factors for a good education, and that less than half of the population of Ethiopia know how to read? We love books, so we’re trying to give children in Ethiopia that privilege too.  Right now we are selling otter pops and holding events to help raise this money. Please help us!

Here is the link for the Facebook page, so you can stay up to date:

Second Harvest Food Bank

Most food banks will not allow any under the age of 14 to volunteer, and Second Harvest is no exception. However, there is a great way that kids can help. Hold a food drive! Have a donation party instead of a birthday party. Bring the food, along with your friends, to Second Harvest and they’ll give you a wonderful tour of the facility and let you know what a difference you’ve made.

Toys For Iraq

We all have our favorite stuffed animal best friend. While our soldiers were on duty in Iraq, they made new friends with kids in the neighborhood by giving away stuffed animals. Evan’s first grade class got together to send four large boxes of stuffed animals to Edmay Mayers who was on duty there. They not only helped to provide toys to kids who have so much less, they helped to keep our servicemen and women safe!

Cupcakes For A Cause!

I have a love / hate relationship with Kara’s cupcakes. They are so delicious! I LOVE them! They are SO expensive! I HATE them! Well, it’s time to put the squabbling aside. We are in the middle of Cupcakes for a Cause week. What is that you may ask? Cupcakes for a Cause is an annual fund raiser that helps support Cancercare for Kids.

Having been both friend and family to those who have been hit with cancer, it is the understatement of the year to say that cancer is more than just a physical battle. And beyond the spiritual and emotional support that people need, kids have a completely different set of needs. And this is support that Cupcakes for a Cause is trying to support.

I don’t know that we’ll be able to do a cupcake baking this week. BUT, we will be making it out to Kara’s.

Other Projects/Ideas

So this site is mostly about things to do, ways to get involved for the 14 and under crowd. Over the years we’ve had lots of ideas, done a dozen different things. The kids love getting involved and knowing that their actions can make a difference, in our neighborhood and in our world. So here is a small list of other ideas and projects. If you know of any, feel free to comment or get in touch with us.

Our Beautiful Day

A coalition of churches that have decided to make a difference in their community. Our kids were really excited about doing yard work, taking out trash and seeing the change a neighborhood can undergo when people care enough to get out of bed on a Saturday morning.


Toys For Iraq

There is a wonderful soldier in Iraq, Edmay Mayers, who is collecting toys for the children there. Things that our kids might have played with for a day and then forgot about. All those little things, even Chuck E. Cheese prizes are worth their weight in gold to Iraqi children whose own homes have been ravaged by war. Not only is it great in terms of helping the children, it’s great for the folks in uniform patrolling. They often use the toys to demonstrate their good will and win the hearts of the neighborhood.

You can ask the Post Office to provide you with a free box for shipping to APO’s. The shipping you’ll have to pay for. Ship packed toys to:

Chaplain – Camp Warrior
FOB Warrior – Kirkuk
Toys for the Iraqi Children
APO AE 09359

Toys for Tots

Clothing Drives

Operation Christmas Child

Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital

Children under 12 are not allowed as visitors in the hospital. BUT, as with most children’s hospitals with long term patients, they are always looking for volunteers to help pack school bags and other supplies. Pen pals are always a big hit!

Lemon Aid!


Evan and a few of his friends got together to hold a free lemonade and coffee stand to raise some money and get the word out about the need for clean drinking water in other parts of the world. Peets Coffee was kind enough to supply the coffee!

Did you know that 884 million people lack access to safe water supplies? That’s approximately one in eight people. Did you know that even in this current day and age, 3.575 MILLION people die every year because they don’t have clean water? Did you know that every 20 seconds, one child will die from  a water related disease and that diarrhea is still the second leading cause of death among children?

Did you know that $1 can provide someone in Africa with clean water for a year?

Join us in November as we partner with Blood: Water Mission to do our share in getting someone a drink.

Changing the World, One Child At a Time.