10,000 Journeys Art Auction and Gallery Info

10,000 Journeys Art Gallery


Wee Hopes will be hosting an art gallery and online art auction.

We are joining with Ethiopia Reads to plant a library in the city of Gondar, Ethiopia.

Books take us to places we have never been and allow us to experiences moments from the past and those that are not quite yet.  Help us by providing artwork of a scene from one of your favorite books!

Umpqua Bank of San Jose and San Francois has been more than gracious in their support, and will be hosting the gallery.

Artwork should be no larger than 11×17

GALLERY DATES: San Jose: starting date: 7/19. San Francisco starting date: Tentatively 7/31!



Snail mail: Wee Hopes

1685 Messina Dr. San Jose, CA 95132

What is all this about? Watch the video

The video

More questions? Contact us at info@weehopes.org


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